Friday 4 April 2008

Udder Delights Goats Brie

It's been a while since I last had some cheese from Udder Delights so why not celebrate with their new release.

udder delights goats brie© by Haalo

Cheese Maker: Udder Delights
Cheese Name: Goats Brie
Cheese Cellar: 91a Main Road Handorf, SA
Open: 7 days: 9am to 5pm
Closed: Good Friday, Christmas and Boxing Day

udder delights goats brie© by Haalo

The milk is sourced from a mainly Saanen Goat herd while non-animal rennet is used in the cheese-making process.

udder delights goats brie© by Haalo

Compared with the Udder Delights Goat Camembert this is a little firmer though the signs are there that it will soften considerably.

udder delights goats brie© by Haalo

According to the cheese-makers it will break down to a wonderfully molten cheese - to serve at its fully ripened stage you would cut the top off and just scoop out the soft interior - very similar to the Holy Goat Ripe Pandora.

Tastewise, clean flavours with a definite goat "tang" wrapped in a pleasant creaminess.

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