Wednesday 21 October 2009

Maffra Dargo Walnut

It's another first for this site - time to explore one of those nefarious "orange cheeses".

Maffra Dargo Walnut© by Haalo

Cheese Maker: Maffra Cheese Company
Cheese Name: Maffra Dargo Walnut

The dairy is not open to the public but contact information and details on where you can buy the cheese can be found on their website.

Maffra Dargo Walnut© by Haalo

Growing up I used to look at this types of cheese with suspicion, they just didn't look natural. Luckily we grow up and realise we shouldn't base everything on appearance.

The Dargo Walnut is based on that famous English cheese, Red Leicester and in fact, Maffra also produces a plain Red Leicester. The colour is natural and comes from annatto seeds though it can be a source of allergic reactions so it is certainly something you would need to keep in mind.

Red Leicester is a cheddar like cheese, quite mild and softly textured. In this cheese, local walnuts sourced from Dargo have been added, their flavour infusing the milk.

Maffra Dargo Walnut© by Haalo

Apparently as the cheese matures, the walnuts will release their oils and create a marbled pattern in the cheese. This is quite a young version so that marbling hasn't developed.

Maffra Dargo Walnut© by Haalo

The walnuts add both a crunch and mealiness which are really interesting textural elements to what is a fairly smooth cheese.