Wednesday 5 March 2008

Woodside Cheese Wrights Etzy Ketzy

I seem to be in a "stinky cheese" mood of late but when I spied this cheese from Woodside Cheese Wrights at Leo's, I just had to try it

etzy ketzy© by haalo

Cheese Maker: Woodside Cheese Wrights
Cheese Name: Etzy Ketzy
Cheese Type: Washed Rind Cow/Goat Milk
Location: Woodside, Adelaide Hills, South Australia
Retail Outlet: 7 Henry Street, Woodside, South Australia
Open: Monday - Sunday: 10am - 4pm

The name Etzy Ketzy is said to mean half and half or middle in Greek - an apt name considering this is a mix of cow and goat milk. It's made in the winter when there's less goat milk available.

etzy ketzy© by haalo

With about another 4 weeks to go before it reaches it's best before date, the skin has already started to become sticky - there is also an excellent earthy aroma to the cheese that seeps through the packaging.

etzy ketzy© by Haalo

It is quite a thin cheese and is presented as a large flattish disc - it makes it look a lot larger than it's meagre weight of 125 grams would imply.

etzy ketzy© by haalo

This hasn't been left out of the fridge very long but you can begin to see it starting to ooze

etzy ketzy© by haalo

The skin is a dominant taste and even at this young age it isn't for the faint hearted - best served on solid chunks of bread, something like a good sour dough. As I find it a touch on the salty side, quince paste or fresh fruit would also make a good companion.

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