Tuesday 18 March 2008

Boosey Creek Warby Red

I've been holding onto this cheese post as I knew nothing about the cheese-makers and couldn't really find any information about them. As it happens, the farmers' market was having a regional promotion and rather fortunately the cheese-makers where there - so not only did I find out more about their cheese I also got to sample more of their range.

Boosey Creek Warby Red© by Haalo

Cheese Maker: Boosey Creek Cheese
Cheese: Warby Red Washed Rind
Address: 734 Grinter Road, Boosey, Victoria
Open: 10am-5pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays/Victorian School Holidays

Boosey Creek Warby Red© by Haalo height=

That tell-tale orange skin should immediately let you know that this is a washed rind cheese. In the words of the cheese-makers, it is "hand-washed in our secret blend".

Boosey Creek Warby Red© by Haalo

All the milk used comes from their own herd of Friesian-Holstein cows - with the cheese making facilities located within the dairy.

Boosey Creek Warby Red© by Haalo

Unlike most of the other washed rinds, this is quite a firm cheese - in fact it is surprisingly firm give the ripe aromas wafting from its skin. Even leaving it out reach room temperature didn't alter the firmness.

Boosey Creek Warby Red© by Haalo

If you eat the skin, then this is a rather potent cheese - Paalo who loves his blue cheese even felt it was just too overpowering. However, remove the skin and the cheese itself is very pleasant - there's enough of those washed rind characters coming through but the creaminess of the cheese softens the overall flavour.

Not for the faint hearted but if you'd like to try it - here in Melbourne, it's only available at Leo's in Kew.

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