Thursday 30 July 2009

Red Hill Portsea Picnic

This is the goat milk version of Sorrento Picnic

Red Hill Portsea Picnic©

Cheese Maker: Red Hill Cheese
Cheese: Portsea Picnic
Location: 81 William Road (Off Arthurs Seat Road), Red Hill
Cellar Door: Open weekends & public holidays Noon-5pm (except Christmas, Boxing Day & Good Friday)

While it may be shaped exactly like the Sorrento Picnic, once unwrapped the differences become more obvious

Red Hill Portsea Picnic©

That white to beige rind carries a saffron hue that's slightly sticky in parts.

Red Hill Portsea Picnic©

Once cut we observe a much paler coloured cheese. The taste is fresh with a slight tang, reminiscent of a mild cheddar. When we sampled the portsea and sorrento together on the cheese platter, we thought that this Portsea was the better of the two.


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