Wednesday 15 July 2009

Red Hill Fingal Gold

I must preface this post by saying that at the moment, there isn't much stock available when in comes to washed rinds.

fingal gold© by Haalo

Cheese Maker: Red Hill Cheese
Cheese: Fingal Gold
Location: 81 William Road (Off Arthurs Seat Road), Red Hill
Cellar Door: Open weekends & public holidays Noon-5pm (except Christmas, Boxing Day & Good Friday)

There must be something about using gold wrappers when it comes to washed rind - discovery scrubbed brie and goldenbelle both utilise similar wrappings. Regardless of choice, there's always something wonderful about unwrapping a cheese like this, it's your nose that gets the first indication of what is in store.

fingal gold© by Haalo

The skin is a little fairer in colour compared to others but this is also a while off from reaching full maturation (use by date is september!)

fingal gold© by Haalo

This hasn't been out of the fridge for very long so it's a lot firmer than I would expect.

fingal gold© by Haalo

With aging you'll see that softening around the edges continue to move towards the center.

fingal gold© by Haalo

At the moment, it's quite mild in flavour but still has a lovely creaminess in the mouth.


breadchick said... [Reply]

OH that looks fantastic. It has been months since I've indulged in my cheese fetish but pictures like this may change that this weekend.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

mmmh i love almost every cheese,for being a swiss girl this is no surprise :D

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