Monday 3 September 2007

Donnybrook Farmhouse Pastorello

One of the great things about the recent Australian Specialist Cheese Show was finding new cheese makers and getting to taste their wares.

Donnybrook Farmhouse are very much a family concern making traditional style cheese using the milk from their own herd. They produce quite a large range from Brie to Pecorino as well as yoghurt and butter.

For this post I'll be looking at their Pastorello

Donnybrook Pastorello© by Haalo

Cheese: Donnybrook Pastorello
Location: 915 Donnybrook Road, Donnybrook
Open: Tues-Sun 8am-5pm (Closed Mondays and Public Holidays)

Donnybrook Pastorello© by Haalo

Pastorello is a blend of cow and ewes milk. Covered in a brown skin the cheese is full flavoured with a distinct nutty taste, very much in the vein of cooked cheese such as Parmesan.

Donnybrook Pastorello© by Haalo

It grates fairly easily and tends to split into thick shards when sliced - sprinkle it over your pasta or enjoy it on a hunk of crusty bread.

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