Thursday 16 June 2011

Berrys Creek Washed Rind

It's been a few years since I last wrote about Berrys Creek Cheese so when I recently spotted this washed rind at the market I thought it would a perfect time to revisit this maker.

berrys creek washed rind© by Haalo

Berry's Creek is based in South Gippsland and use the milk from their herd of Jersey cows - this milk results in a richer, creamier cheese.

berrys creek washed rind© by Haalo

This cheese isn't especially smelly nor does it have that russet covering you usually see with washed rinds - the rind does have a light speckling of blue and is slightly sticky to touch. The cheese itself is quite firm and easy to cut.

berrys creek washed rind© by Haalo

The texture is contained and dense - to taste, it has sharp cheddar-like notes and as expected, is very creamy, filling your mouth with flavour. We also noted that this is quite a salty cheese, perhaps appearing more salty as the milk is sweeter.

It's an excellent cheese - I'd serve it with a sturdy sourdough.


Alina---Explora Cuisine said... [Reply]

I'd love a slice for breakfast, thank you for sharing, although I'm not sure if I can find this type of cheese here; great presentation though!

Lynne Daley said... [Reply]

A creamy cheddar-like cheese sounds heavenly! It would be lovely with your suggested sturdy sourdough.

Dee Paulino said... [Reply]

I am addicted to cheese so of course I love this post!

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