Wednesday 8 December 2010

Hindmarsh Valley Dairy Chevrotin

This week I'm excited to have found another new to me cheesemaker. Hindmarsh Valley Dairy is based around the Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia.  Not only do they produce goat meat they also produce a ranch of goat milk based products, including milk, cream and yoghurt while their cheese range are based on both French and Swiss recipes. The first cheese I'm tasting is the Chevrotin.

hindmarsh valley chevrotin© by Haalo

The milk used comes from the farm and the cheeses are made on the day of milking in order to retain the sweet elements of the milk.

There is quite a lot of liquid inside the packaging, which comes as a bit of surprise if you compare it to the Woodside Chevre - a paper towel comes in handy to blot away the extra liquid.

hindmarsh valley chevrotin© by Haalo

The cheese is also much firmer - it doesn't feel fragile. Though I should note that this really doesn't seem to resemble its namesake, the Chevrotin of Upper Savoy.

hindmarsh valley chevrotin© by Haalo

It slices easily even though it is quite a crumbly cheese. This becomes more apparent when you try to spread it.

hindmarsh valley chevrotin© by Haalo

As you see it crumbles rather than spreads smoothly, which reminds me of the behaviour of fetta. Tastewise, it is very pleasant with a good, clean flavour - actually, I'd say it is fetta like in taste as well. An interesting addition to the cheese board, though I think it might also have cooking potential in the right recipe.

I'll certainly keep an eye out to see if I can find more of their range.

The details:

Hindmarsh Valley Dairy

Phone: 08 8552 6704


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