Tuesday 19 October 2010

Bruny Island 1792

Back with another cheese from Bruny Island - this time it's one of my absolute favourite washed rinds.

Bruny Island 1792© by Haalo

I do quite like the packaging - the clear wrapper gives you a perfect view of its crinkly, saffron coloured skin - and it sits on a fine sheet of Huon pine.

Bruny Island 1792© by Haalo

This cheese was opened at less than 2 weeks from full maturation

Bruny Island 1792© by Haalo

but left to sit before cutting, a few gentle pressing on the surface, shows that even at this stage it is quite soft.

Bruny Island 1792© by Haalo

Cutting it provides proof positive.

Bruny Island 1792© by Haalo

There's still a bit of firmness right in the center but the rest of the cheese is meltingly soft. The aromas are soft on, earthy but not overpowering. Unlike The Saint, there's no ammonia scent at all. The taste, rich and creamy with a lovely sweetness to the cheese.


My Restaurants Melbourne said... [Reply]

this cheese looks so soft! perfect pick

Beryl Seeyave said... [Reply]

where can you find it?

Celeste @ Berrytravels said... [Reply]

I'm drooling here, especially at that last photo. Not being able to reach out and grab a gooey slice is torture!

Lizzie said... [Reply]

Try their Oen next. It makes me go weak at the knees!

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