Thursday 23 September 2010

Tarago Jensens Red

I've written about Tarago Cheese in the past - those posts were both on blue cheeses, this time I'm taking a closer look at their washed rind cows milk cheese called Jensen's Red.

tarago jensen's red© by Haalo

The outside wrapper does give you an idea of what you might find inside - though it isn't so much red as orange

tarago jensen's red© by Haalo

Slightly sticky exterior and those typical washed rind aromas do permeate the air - it is a pleasant earthy yet sweet aroma.

tarago jensen's red© by Haalo

It is obvious that isn't an overly runny cheese, the texture is more cohesive, more elastic so to speak. Even letting it come to room temperature doesn't really alter the texture, it does make the cheese more pungent as you would expect.

When it comes to taste, there is a nutty, almost walnut-like hints with a good creamy feeling in the mouth.

The details:

Tarago River Cheese Company
2236 Main Neerim Road
Neerim South



Honey @ honeyandsoy said... [Reply]

This is one of Soy's favourite cheeses! We have a recent funny story, though... We were going to have dinner at a friend's and she asked us if there was any particular cheese we'd like. Soy said "Tarago river" but our friend heard "Tellagio", and went around searching for it!!! It would have been 3 times the price........... but we all enjoyed it nevertheless ;)

Haalo said... [Reply]

That is a funny story but that's a pretty good mistake to make - I know I wouldn't be too upset!

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