Saturday 26 January 2008

Grandvewe Ewe Bewety

To celebrate Australia Day we'll be kicking back, watching the cricket and enjoying some good Australia Cheese and I found one that is just perfect for the day. Made by Tasmania's Grandvewe it is called...

grandvewe ewe bewety© by Haalo

Ewe Bewety!

grandvewe ewe bewety© by Haalo

When I saw the name I just cracked up - Australians and those that understand our vernacular should get a chuckle out of it - other people will just look at you strangely.

grandvewe ewe bewety© by Haalo

Ewe Bewety (You Beauty) is a vine wrapped sheep milk cheese - the sticker on the packet helpfully tells us that the moulds are normal and part of the maturation process. There's a pleasant smell of damp vine leaf - nothing overpowering in the aromas. It is about 9 days from peak maturation so I would imagine the moulding would envelope more of the external leaf as time passed.

grandvewe ewe bewety© by Haalo

To slice, it is a firm cheese, and you should be able to see a lighter coloured core around the centre of the cheese. This is a visually representation of the maturation process as cheese matures from the outside in.

We found the cheese to be quite creamy with a pleasant bite that you would associate with a blue or a vintage cheddar. It's best eaten without the vine leaf. We were most impressed with this cheese and it will certainly be on our cheese board again.

For those in Melbourne, this was found at Leo's Kew.

The details:
Cheese Maker: Grandvewe Cheese
Cheese Name: Ewe Bewety
Location: 59 Devlyns Road, Birchs Bay Tasmania
September - June: 10am-5pm, 7 days excluding Christmas day
July - August: 10am-4pm daily except Tuesdays

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