Friday 8 June 2007

Holy Goat La Luna

Holy Goat have done it again - producing what is probably a one-off but certainly something I just couldn't pass by.

Holy Goat La Luna© by Haalo

Cheese Maker: Holy Goat
Cheese Type: La Luna Baby wrapped in Chestnut Leaves
Location: Sutton Grange Organic Farm, Victoria

Holy Goat La Luna© by Haalo

Now you understand why I just had to have this.

Wrapped in chestnut leaves is a round of their La Luna Baby. It's quite a delicate package, the scent is just intoxicating - those intense mushroom notes floating off the leaves.

Holy Goat La Luna© by Haalo

Carefully peeling the leaves back you are rewarded with quite an oozing cheese - it's at it's peak ripeness and will be perfect on the cheese platter tonight.

Holy Goat La Luna© by Haalo

La Luna is a goat cheese with a wrinkled yeast rind - there are similar aromas to that found with washed rinds. At this stage, it's extremely creamy with an lingering flavour, somewhat nutty coupled with slight citrus.

Usually La Luna is available in three forms - Baby (this one without the leaves), Full Moon (a barrel shaped) and La Luna Ring (similar to a ring donut). It's interesting to note how the flavours do alter depending on the shape.

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