Tuesday 8 May 2007

Tarago River Strzelecki Goats Blue

So far in this series I have only mentioned two blue cheese, both made with cows milk. Today I change that and present a Goat Blue - it's from Gippsland (which is here in Victoria) and the Tarago River Cheese Company well known for producing sublime blue cheese such as Paalo's favourite, Shadows of Blue.

Strzelecki Goat's Blue© by Haalo

Cheese Maker: Tarago River Cheese
Cheese Name: Strzelecki Goat's Blue
Location: 2236 Main Neerim Road, Neerim South, Victoria

The cheese is made in 2kg rounds and this is just of piece from that. As you can see it has quite a rustic look to the rind.

Strzelecki Goat's Blue© by Haalo

Maturation takes 8 weeks and as it ages the texture changes from being slightly chalky to a soft and creamy consistency.

Strzelecki Goat's Blue© by Haalo

The veining is distinct but well spaced - the colouring varies from a light to dark green.

Strzelecki Goat's Blue© by Haalo

On face value you might take it for a fearsomely flavoured blue but you'd be in for a surprise. It's not highly scented, the goat milk adds a sweetness to the cheese and the blue just brings in another flavour. It's quite sticky and creamy in the mouth, with a pleasant lingering flavour.

Besides enjoying it as it, this cheese is well suited to be added to salads.

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