Friday 9 March 2007

Westhaven Chevre

Westhaven Dairy is situated near Launceston, Tasmania and started about 30 years ago. Today they predominately make Chèvre, along with a range of both cow and goat milk yoghurt and fetta. Their goats' milk is sourced from dairies in nearby Tamar Valley.

Westhaven Chèvre© by Haalo

Cheese: Westhaven Chèvre
Location: 89 Talbot Road Launceston - Open to the public

Westhaven Chèvre© by Haalo

This Chèvre is a made in the French style from pure goats' milk and uses kosher certified rennet. It has a moist skin and I'd class it as semi-soft. It will crumble a little when cut.

Westhaven Chèvre© by Haalo

It has a mild flavour with a creamy mouth-feel and good acid levels. I'd probably assign this to be cooking cheese rather than a something I'd place on a cheese board. In fact this cheese was used to recently make the goat cheese crostini and proved a perfect element for the dish.

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